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How it works:
  1. Create an Account which you'll use each time you want to place an order.
  2. Use order page to create your product list and check your order details.
  3. Submit your address and payment details. Upon success, you'll receive an email confirming your order detail and delivery date.
  4. Your order will arrive at your doorstep on the delivery day the day you selected.

See our online ordering dashboard for more information about the online ordering process.


Q: What is the cut off time for the early order discount?
A: The cutoff time is 6pm 2-days before the delivery date. 6pm on Sunday for Tuesday and 6pm on Wednesday for Friday.

Q: What payment options are available and how do you process them?
A: We offer online payments for Credit Cards and ACH check via Stripe. You can also pay by check, cash or EBT - payment is due in full at the time of delivery.

Q: I have a question or change to already submitted order.
A: No problem! If it is before the order cut-off time you can edit your order online, however, once the cutoff time is passed you must email or call to make changes to your order.



Delivery Days Place Order

Tuesday, 04/07/2020
Deadline: Monday, 04/06/2020
Friday, 04/10/2020
Deadline: Thursday, 04/09/2020